Weekley Lugs: 1/21/11

21 01 2011

These are a little late. Sorry, I was really busy yesterday! I might just change these over to Fridays, at least until the start of the season when I’ll have to do practice & qualifying reports, because Thursday’s have become pretty hectic for me.

First, the Denny Hamlin front.

Denny topped the speed charts of the Daytona test earlier today:

Hamlin clocked in at 196.868 mph to edge Tony Stewart for the top spot on the speed chart. Stewart ran his fastest lap at an average speed of 196.855 mph.

A Daytona Q&A with Denny and Kurt Busch:

 Well, I mean, I’ve said it a thousand times, and every time that I come to the microphone and people ask me what’s it going to take for this, what’s it going to take for that, there’s a lot of areas that I’ve got to improve on, that I know I can improve on.

A feature about Denny from KFFL.com. I enjoy their confidence in Denny’s 2011 title run.

Coming off the best year of his career, anything less than a championship in 2011 will be a disappointment. His only real weakness last season was poor qualifying efforts, and Hamlin already made it clear he plans to address the problem.
Now the NASCAR fronts:
You’ve already heard that they’re considering going to a simpler system. Mike Helton now says it’s imminent
“The goal for some time is to create a points system that is easy to understand, easy to explain, easy to talk about but also be credible at the end of the season. So it’s a function of taking the current one that has established credibility and come up with one that you can sit and have a conversation with someone and they say, ‘well, that’s pretty simple.’ ”
Oh God. They can’t be serious. Wasn’t there a rule that you can’t make your debut at a supserspeedway? Yeah, yeah there was.

Steve Wallace, son of former NASCAR champion Rusty Wallace, will make his Sprint Cup debut in the season-opening Daytona 500.

Other news: Jamie McMurray signed a multi year extension with EGR, Casey Mears will drive at least 20 races for Germain in the Cup in 2011, Bill Elliot’s going to drive for Phoenix Racing & Trevor Bayne will drive 17 Cup races for Wood Bros.




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